Tri-Spec 2 Cube Aquarium Fully Loaded Kit - 170l

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A stylish furniture aquarium equipped with powerful Tri-Spec 2 lighting.

Although large in volume, the Tri-Spec 2 Cube has a tiny footprint and can easily fit into any home. Designed with flexibility in mind, it is ideal for both freshwater or saltwater setups. Also available in 166L, 210L and 250L versions.

Key Features:

  • Fully Loaded (51804) and Customisable (51800) version available
  • Large, glass aquarium, made from quality materials
  • Powerful Tri-Spec 2 LED lighting
  • New aquarium start up kit to help you quickly and effortlessly cycle your aquarium
  • Multi stage, silent EF canister filter (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Tri-Spec app controller allows you to finely tune the performance of your lights (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Deltatherm heater – 200W (Fully Loaded Kit)
Items contained in this box:

  • Customisable and Fully Loaded kit:
  • Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium
  • Matching Black Grain cabinet
  • Tri-Spec 2 Max Output LED Lighting – 52 - 60cm
  • New aquarium start up kit Fully Loaded Kit also includes:
  • Tri-Spec app controller
  • EF External canister filter
  • Deltatherm heater – 200W
Colour Black
Length 3. 46 - 60cm
Disposal of electrical goods Y
Glass Thickness 6mm
Lighting Spectrum 440nm BLUE, 640nm RED, 6500k WHITE
Item code: 51804
Barcode: 755349518043
Min Order Quantity: 1
Availability: IN STOCK
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