Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium Fully Loaded Kit - 250l

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A stylish furniture aquarium equipped with powerful Tri-Spec 2 lighting.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Tri-Spec 2 Aquariums are ideal for both freshwater or saltwater setups. Also available in 166L, 170L and 210L

Key Features:

  • Fully Loaded (51807) and Customisable (51803) version available
  • Large, glass aquarium, made from quality materials
  • Powerful Tri-Spec 2 LED lighting
  • New aquarium start up kit to help you quickly and effortlessly cycle your aquarium
  • Multi stage, silent EF canister filter (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Tri-Spec app controller allows you to finely tune the performance of your lights (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Deltatherm heater – 200W (Fully Loaded Kit)
Items contained in this box:

  • Customisable and Fully Loaded kit:
  • Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium
  • Matching Black Grain cabinet
  • Tri-Spec 2 Max Output LED Lighting – 116 - 124cm
  • New aquarium start up kit Fully Loaded Kit also includes:
  • Tri-Spec app controller
  • EF External canister filter
  • Deltatherm heater – 300W
Colour Black
Length 6. 101 - 150cm
Disposal of electrical goods Y
Glass Thickness 6mm
Lighting Spectrum 440nm BLUE, 640nm RED, 6500k WHITE
Item code: 51807
Barcode: 755349518074
Min Order Quantity: 1
Availability: IN STOCK
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